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Vessel Repowering

Vessel Repowering

Naval Architecture and Marine Solutions (NMS) can work with you to custom design your vessel repower, looking at your needs, operations and the vessels capabilities. We offer repowering solutions for many types of vessels, including pleasure craft through to commercial and high performance vessels both, petrol and diesel.

Clients often consider vessel repowering when their existing engines have become damaged and unreliable, or when parts become expensive or hard to find. It can also just be a preference for a different drive option.

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Benefits of vessel repowering can include:

  • Increased vessel speed
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Improved fuel consumption
  • Reduced noise
  • Reduced environmental impact

Repowering your vessel can also be a chance to install the correct engine for your exact application. To maximize powering efficiency, the engine, transmission reduction ratio, and propeller must work together.

When considering repowering your boat, there’s a lot to think about. By talking to an experienced naval architecture firm like Naval Architecture and Marine Solutions we can look at all factors to consider including:

  • Stern drive vs. Inboard vs. Outboard
  • The power rating of the hull
  • Weight of the new engine, and how that may affect the boat’s trim and handling
  • Shaft length and propeller specifications
  • What powering is required to obtain your desired speed
  • Does the vessel require a modification or addition of a pod

Contact NMS today to discuss the design and engineering of your vessel repower or your propulsion options.


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