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Risk Assessment Services

Risk Assessment Services

All activities of an organisation involve risk. Managing risk is an operational priority and essential to any organisation or project.

Naval Architecture and Marine Solutions can provide your risk assessment services to make sure your operations or projects are managed safely and that you are controlling the risks that could affect you.

Investing in risk planning and management, can identify the threats to a successful project and put the controls in place, minimising the exposure of your assets be they financial, personnel or reputation.

Our senior naval architect Shaun Ritson has extensive experience in preparing risk assessments and risk management plans for projects both large and small. Shaun’s experience includes the preparation of Explosive Management plans, as required for the safe transport of explosives onboard vessels.

Naval Architecture and Marine Solutions (NMS) risk assessment services include:
  • Conducting risk assessments to identify and report on main risk factors
  • Development of risk assessment schedules
  • Preparation of risk management plan
  • Preparation of procedures for risk minimisation for tasks or project
  • Monitor and review risks
In completing our risk assessments, we refer to the Australian Standards – AS/NZ 31000:2009.

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Naval Architecture and Marine Solutions are happy to tailor our level of involvement in risk assessment to suit each client’s individual needs, from preparing a standalone management plan, right through to preparing comprehensive procedures for particular tasks or projects.


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