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Pontoon Stability Assessment

Pontoon stability assessment and report into the stability characteristics of an existing pontoon located on a dam, were underaken by Naval Architecture and Marine Solutions.

As part of the projects requirements we looked at the stability requirements for the pontoon, as detailed in the NSCV Code for non passenger vessels operating in protected waters.

This required a site visit from NMS naval architects, to undertake measurments taken from the pontoon afloat, and obtain its geometry and characterisitcs.

Pontoon stability assessment undertaken by NMS

Three personnel positioned amid ship and arranged off the centreline

With this information our naval architects can assess the stability of the pontoon in various conditions of loading, by simulating personnel being aboard the pontoon.

Pontoon stability assessment undertaken by NMS

Three personnel arranged towards the point of the pontoon with the lowest freeboard.

The client is then provided with a report, including a summary of results and are advised if their pontoon complies with the requisite criteria, and of any restrictions that may apply.

Pontoon stability assessment undertaken by NMS

The upright or equilibrium freeboard

Naval Architecture and Marine Solutions (NMS) can provide stability assessments for pontoons and other floating structures.