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8.5m Crew Transfer Vessel

Custom Crew Transfer Vessels - Naval Architecture and Marine Solutions

8.5m Crew Transfer Vessel

This crew transfer vessel was designed by Naval Architecture and Marine Solutions, after we were approached by a client in South East Asia. The client, a shipping company, was looking for the preliminary design of a crew transfer vessel suitable of transferring personnel between ships in Singapore.

Our NMS crew transfer vessel, features an extended cabin to allow seating for nine (9) passengers on two bench seats. Additionally, two (2) crew are seated on shock absorbing seats forward. To allow for operation in hot tropical climates the cabin is fully air-conditioned. The inclusion of a heater in the enclosed cabin, would allow for usage in cooler climates.
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A diesel genset has been fitted in the transom of the commercial vessel, to run both the air-conditioner and vessel ancillaries. This will enable the vessel to maximise it’s air-conditioning capacity, and also the load of the alternators of the propulsion engines.

The vessel design has been built around a high stability hull form, to ensure that maximising the passenger carrying capacity, does not compromise the stability and all round safety when operating.

The hull form of this crew transfer vessel, combined with the large air-conditioned cabin would also lend itself to many other uses. Including being used as a water ambulance, commercial tourism or as water taxi; where comfort and safety are paramount.

The crew transfer vessel features twin outboard motors. Benefits include ease of maintenance and repowering, should a failure befall an engine, it can be un-bolted and replaced, returning the commercial vessel to operation quickly.

The aluminium hull form, would also be suitable for the inclusion of diesel stern-drive propulsion. The benefits of the different propulsion system on the vessel, would include increasing the fuel economy and therefore providing longer service intervals for the crew transfer vessel.

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