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300 + Passenger Wave Piercing Catamaran Ferry

Catamaran Ferry designed by Naval Architecture and Marine Solutions (NMS) to carry 300+ passengers, at 29 knots.

Passengers board or disembark the wave piercing catamaran ferry through wide boarding lobby’s port and starboard. Each boarding lobby is complete with a hinged ramp, removing the need for gangways ashore. This allows for faster turnaround times and more efficient berthing operations for the crew.

300+ Wave Piercing Catamaran Ferry 3D rendered image designed by Perth based Naval Architecture and Marine Solutions

3D rendered image of Naval Architecture and Marine Solutions 300+ Passenger Wave Piercing Catamaran Ferry.

The air-conditioned main deck has three conveniently located luggage areas, as well as five toilet spaces, one of which is suited for disabled passengers. There is also a separate cabin aft for injured persons or for passengers that are to be kept in isolation whilst on the ferry.

Seating for the catamaran ferry’s main deck uses the lightweight ‘Ocean Tourist’ seat from Beurteaux. The seating plan is forward facing. The modifications and accessories available for this seat, provide the client with many options to create a comfortable environment, whilst being approved to the IMO HSC code. Seating options include storage for life jackets, tray tables and storage for safety card displays.

The current seating plan allows for 900mm pitch between seats. For vessels designed for shorter travel times, there is scope to reduce the pitch and therefore increase seating capacity. Alternately the arrangement could be customised to include cafeteria, snack bar or gift shop, depending on the end routes requirement.

The raised wheelhouse on the catamaran ferry offers excellent visibility over the foredeck, with direct access to external bridge wing control stations for easier, faster and safer berthing operations.

Constructed from marine grade aluminium, the vessel measures 37.4 metres in length overall, with a beam of 11.2 metres, a draught of 2.1m and a depth of 3.44m. The vessel is powered by two 1340kw diesel engines, driving twin propellers. This gives the catamaran ferry a fully laden speed of 29+ knots. Fuel for the twin diesels is carried in two tanks, each of 6000 litre capacity, while fresh water tanks carry 2500 litres, with a further 2500 litres of sullage.

The catamaran ferry is fitted with four evacuation stations; two on each side of the vessel, with a total of eight 50 person inflatable life rafts.

The philosophy underpinning Naval Architecture and Marine Solutions design concept was the need to:

• Optimise the design to deliver exceptional revenue carrying capabilities. The hull form will deliver excellent fuel economy, combined with seating capacity for 300+, gives a low cost per passenger mile.

• Emphasis on maximising transport efficiency. Large boarding lobbies, allows for faster turnaround times, meaning the vessel spends less time in dock.

• Transport passengers in safety and comfort. The fine entry and wave piercing hull form have been specifically developed to provide a sea keeping comfort level superior to that of conventional catamarans and monohulls.

The catamaran ferry has been designed to Bureau Veritas Survey for High Speed & Light Craft.

Naval Architecture and Marine Solutions can provide a full production design package for the catamaran ferry, which would assist in build efficiency and reduce material wastage. The design package could consist of all construction and engineering drawings, including nested plates.

General Arrangement for Naval Architecture and Marine Solutions Wave Piercing Catamaran Ferry for 300+ Passengers

300+ Wave Piercing Catamaran Ferry General Arrangement