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8m Sports Fishing Vessel

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Sports Fishing Vessel Completed

This custom designed 8m Sports Fishing Vessel by Naval Architecture and Marine Solutions (NMS), has just completed successful sea trials after being built by local builder Stagg Boats.

Our brief for this sports fishing vessel was fairly straight forward. The client wanted a boat 8m long, powered by twin Yamaha 225hp outboards with plenty of usable deck space.

NMS prepared a preliminary general arrangement (GA) for Stagg Boats to show the client, and after a few refinements the client gave us the go ahead to finalise the sports fishing vessel design.

One advantage of custom aluminium boats over FRP, is the ability to continually refine and develop each new design. One thing we often find with marine design is that by the time a vessel is built, it is already superseded. Our ideas change about what is desirable in a boat. Technology changes, with engines getting lighter and more powerful. Improvements and refinements that are identified during construction can be carried over into subsequent designs. These refinements are often subtle and most people would be hard pressed to pick the differences. In the case of this 8m for example, NMS took the opportunity to raise the working deck marginally to increase the at rest freeboard. We also eased the chine out slightly and re-faired the topsides to increase the waterline beam whilst maintaining the same overall beam.

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The result is “Bullet Proof”. The torque of the Yamaha outboards gives the boat a performance nothing short of spectacular. When the throttles go down there is no waiting around as the boat climbs over the hump. This one launches itself onto the plane like it has been shot out of a cannon. The vessel can be trimmed down to run flat which means from the helm the skipper can see what is on the water in front of him, rather than what’s in the sky above him. At rest the vessel has good stability and at the end of the day it tucks away nicely onto it’s custom built trailer.

It topped out at 46 knots, but will do 45 knots all day long!!!….

Constructed from marine grade aluminium, the vessel measures 8.00 metres in length overall, with a beam of 2.72 metres, and has a draught of 0.54 metres enabling quick planing. The vessel is powered by two Yamaha 225hp engines. Fuel for the vessel is carried in one tank, with a 400 litre carrying capacity.

NMS have been eagerly awaiting this vessel hitting the water as it had all the potential to be something special and we haven’t been disappointed.

That said, if we were to do another one we might just…………………