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Marine Survey

One of the services we regularly carry out at Naval Architecture and Marine Solutions is measuring up and detailing the existing structure of vessels, plant and equipment prior to designing vessel modifications or alterations. Some details are easy to determine such as the size and arrangement of structural members. Plate thickness however is one measurement that often proves elusive. Even when exposed plate edges are present, the actual thickness of the material can still be difficult to determine depending on the surface coatings that may be present on one or both sides of the material.

As part of NMS’ commitment to continuous improvement, we have recently purchased an ultrasonic thickness tester. This equipment gives us an additional capability we can offer our clients and enhances our capacity to produce as built drawings that accurately reflect the item in question.

If you are considering making vessel modifications or alterations to your vessel, but are concerned that you don’t have existing structural drawings then Naval Architecture and Marine Solutions are well placed to assist. Not only can we prepare the requisite calculations and construction drawings for any vessel modifications, but we can also accurately and reliably detail the existing structural arrangement.

By Shaun Ritson
Naval Architect
Naval Architecture and Marine Solutions