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Enhanced Capabilities

At Naval Architecture and Marine Solutions (NMS) we are committed to continual development of the qualifications and skills of our personnel, and the services and capabilities we offer.

We have recently enhanced our capabilities by purchasing additional computer software packages, the latest additions are Scan and Solve and Flamingo.

Scan and Solve Software
Scan and Solve allows us to prepare structural simulations of solid shapes in different materials. We can apply different conditions and loads to the surface or the body, and then calculate the results.

We have just completed a project for a client where we analysed the stress distribution in the connecting lugs of a modular barge. From this we prepared a report for the client detailing which barge configurations meet the allowable stresses as outlined in AS 3990 -1193.

Image of a Barge Lug in Scan and Solve

The Scan and Solve image details the stress distribution of the barge lug.

Flamingo Software
Flamingo allows us to render our designs and create realistic images. We can simulate different criteria including the lighting of the model with reflections, refraction, diffusion, translucency, transparency, and colour bleeding.

This is particularly useful for clients to fully visualise a design before construction, and the photo like images can also assist clients with presentations and marketing.

These new acquisitions augment with our existing capabilities and software packages.

Our office also runs the following software packages:

Microsoft Office Professional

AutoCAD provides the capability to create accurate professional 2D drawings and models.

Maxsurf allows us to model hull forms, superstructures and appendages. Surfaces can be joined, trimmed and manipulated to create a complete model ready for analysis or construction detailing.

Hydromax is used to assess stability and strength characteristics.

Workshop is used to carry out the initial structural definition of the vessel, generate part geometry and build a database of parts which can be used in other systems for further detailing.

Sea Keeper assists with performance predictions in varying sea spectrums.

Hullspeed helps estimate the resistance and power requirements for any design.

Rhino allows us to start with a sketch or drawing and create a 3D model, ready to render, animate, analyse and draft.

If we haven’t listed particular services or capabilities that you require, then please contact us to see if it is something that we have already developed or should develop.

By Shaun Ritson
Naval Architect
Naval Architecture and Marine Solutions
Senior Naval Architect Shaun Ritson from Naval Architecture and Marine Solutions